The Johnny Gosch Foundation

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Case FAQs

Q: Is Johnny's case solved... what happened to him?

A: We have learned through private investigators that he was taken into a pornography/prostitution ring which operates nationally and internationally. He is no longer captive by the people who took him. He is currently living in hiding to protect his life.

Q: Do they know who kidnapped Johnny?

A: We have reports and court testimony from Paul Bonacci, Jimmy Gibson and Rusty Nelson regarding the people involved in kidnapping Johnny.

Q: Was Johnny's kidnapping a "random" act.

A: A witness saw Johnny being photographed on his way home from school, by a man, two weeks before the kidnapping. She reported it to police,with a license number, however, taking photos are not a crime. The police threw away the license number and no report was filed. Two weeks later Johnny was gone.

Q: Is there any connection between Johnny's kidnapping and that of Eugene Martin from Des Moines, less than two years later?

A: A few months before the Eugene Martin kidnapping, a local private investigator, Sam Soda called Noreen, telling her there would be another kidnapping. It would take place the second weekend in August 1984 and it would be a paperboy from the southside of Des Moines. Eugene Martin was kidnapped the second weekend in August 1984, from the southside of Des Moines and he was a paperboy. According to evidence both kidnappings are connected.

Q: How is the Johnny Gosch Foundation funded?

A: The Johnny Gosch Foundation has been funded by selling "Worlds Finest Candy Bars", fund raisers of all types. Private and corporate donations.

Q: Is Johnny Gosch still alive?

A: Yes, according to all evidence from years of investigation and information from witnesses, Johnny is still alive.